SY120 Solar Tracker Bearing


The bearings under the 120x120 profile, where the solar tracker makes the rotation movement on your existing system, are produced in 4 pieces from a special polymer material. Thus, there is no need for an extra special bearing work for your solar tracker project. Thanks to its ease of use and ease of assembly, it is combined with the lower and upper profile bearings after the installation of the base on the stand. At the last stage, it is possible to connect the existing bolts and make the trestle - bed connections and ensure that the entire bedding work is completed in a practical way.


Manufactured from high strength engineering plastic. Thanks to its concave angled design, it prevents axial misalignments and ensures smooth operation of the entire row. Thanks to its 4-piece design, it is produced in sizes suitable for 120x120 profile as well as ease of assembly.