ST9 Single Axis Solar Tracker


Based on the principle of single-axis tracking of the sun, the ST9 model performs sun tracking with a DC motor or AC Motor only thanks to the code programmed on the Y axis. As a result of single-axis tracking, approximately 21% efficiency increase is achieved as a result of monitoring the daily movement. It is widely used in solar tracking systems of sequential panels in high number solar power plants.

Solar Tracker St9 model is a model that is accepted worldwide and is referred to as 9 inch solar tracker in single axis tracking systems. Due to its programming capability, it is a system that can be driven by Dc Motor. Thanks to the holder arms in the gearbox, fast connection to 120x120 profiles, which are frequently used in existing projects, is provided. Thanks to the hard stop feature in the gearbox, it has an automatic stop feature so that the panels do not exceed a certain angle in wind or any challenging weather conditions.

 LARGE SIZE HUB GEAR AND HARD STOP: Special steel alloy high modulus "Wide Load Carrying" capacity designed according to the gear thickness 2.5 times the safety coefficient is added and 3G50 material alloy. Thanks to its patented design, it has a mechanical-automatic stop feature that works at a certain degree angle and prevents the panels from falling in case of any accident.
 RECIPROCATING SCREW GEAR: Made of special alloy 8620 cemented gear material. It is normalized and hardened to 48-52 HRC and the profiles are specially ground to minimize the friction coefficient.
 PROFILE HOLDER FLANGE: It is produced in a monolithic manner with thick, conical and 3G50 material threaded in suitable dimensions for the profiles that will carry the panels. Within the existing construction, it will be manufactured in suitable dimensions with fitting and bolt connection.
 DC MOTOR: Planetary dc motor is preferred due to its ease of programming within the existing system.