RMST130 Single Axis Solar Tracker


Based on the principle of single-axis tracking of the sun, the RMSTE130 model performs sun tracking with a DC motor or AC Motor only thanks to the code programmed on the Y axis. As a result of single-axis tracking, approximately 21% efficiency increase is achieved as a result of monitoring the daily movement. It is widely used in solar tracking systems of sequential panels in high number solar power plants.

- The body connection holes where the main reducer will sit will be processed in the same dimensions in the reducer body produced under our brand and slot connection will be made.
- The connection shape and dimensions of the 120x120 profile connections, which is the main carrier profile, will be kept constant and will not cause any connection difficulties. Axes are calculated.
- The rotation speeds of the gearboxes will not create a different speed mismatch in your existing system, and the gears will be produced based on the current operating speeds.

 LARGE SIZE HUB GEAR: Special steel alloyed high modulus "Wide Load Carrying" capacity designed according to the gear thickness 2.5 times the number of safety coefficient is added and 3G50 material alloy.
 RECIPROCATING SCREW GEAR: Made of special alloy 8620 cemented gear material. It is normalized and hardened to 48-52 HRC and the profiles are specially ground to minimize the friction coefficient.
 PROFILE HOLDER FLANGE: It will be manufactured from thick metal sheet ST37, S3237 Quality Ereğli A1 material in dimensions suitable for the profiles that will carry the panels, and will be manufactured with fitting and bolt connection in dimensions suitable for 120x120 profile.
 COUPLING SYSTEM: In order to lick the revolutions realized on the whole system, the existing system will explode 2 more body couplings that will realize reduction connected to the main reducer as it is.
 MOTOR: It was selected based on the motor specs on the system in the form of an AC Motor, which is a type used on the existing system and is very easily available in the market.